Friday, September 11, 2015

Gym Story

The gym was always a place of solitude for the young man who had just moved to the big city. Starting up a new job meant canvassing prospective living quarters, and it was of grave importance that he find a building that is complemented with its own fitness center. 

A few weeks after returning to his regular training regiment, he became intimate with every piece of workout gear in that room. Another perk, to some at least, is that he became accustomed to the same faces that appear there, but he dared not talk to anyone. Shyness being his nature, he kept to himself and focused on making the most out of the exercise. 

One particular regular was a voluptuous woman of no more than 25. She almost always chose the treadmill next to him whenever he was fortunate enough to be running. He made it his business to shift his gaze and sneak a look every millisecond so as not strike her as creepy. 

The lady had curly black hair and a slender, athletic frame boasting of years of exuberant fitness. 

He could only hide his hard-on so well. 

One such instance of the two being at the gym together had him lifting an ambitious load of 100 lbs. Following 11 lifts or so, he repositioned the pole, and attempted to walk to a water fountain. As he strode, he felt a darkness overcoming him, causing him to collapse.

Monday, September 7, 2015

قصة بوليسية

تأبطّ التحري (ليون) مشعله الكهربائي حالما أهمّ بفتح باب المستودع المهجور الواقع على أطراف المدينة الكبيرة. داعب مسدسه المبلل والذي كان يلمع في تلك الليلة الماطرة بأطراف أصابع يده اليمنى، وباليسرى أقدم على لف مقبض الباب الرئيسي للمبنى باحثاً عن ضالته المنشودة.

تلقى التحري مكالمة قبل تلك اللحظة بساعتين، وكانت تلك المحادثة كفيلة بإطلاق العنان لسلسلة الأحداث اللاحقة.