Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chapter One

      “Good evening everyone.  Thank you for making it here on such short notice,”  I said in a quivering tone.  “Since it’s very late, I’m not going to waste any more of your time so I will be quick and to the point.”
      I grasp the papers in front of me with both hands tightly, trying to control the tremors running through them.  ‘This is insane. I can’t believe I’m actually doing this’ is all I could think. Saying those words out loud would probably make me feel easier about this.
      The cameras keep flashing effectively blinding me.  Not that I needed to look at those sitting out there like a grand jury.  They were all there just waiting for the next scoop like dogs fighting for scraps.  None of them were even expecting to see me at this table.  Especially not with a crimson face and white knuckles clutching onto a heap of stationary.
      “For the past few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals and aspiration.  As any person in my same position, I needed to look into the future and see what options I have left,” I began to read from my documents.  By the end of the second sentence, I forgot all about everything and all about my nerves.  The text was mesmerizing enough for me to focus on it entirely.
      “There have been numerous offers, many of which were quite humbling.  After spending many days considering these offers, I came to a very important realization,” I continued to recite.  It felt like an eternity had passed in between each word.  The shaking went down to my stomach.
      “A lot of things are important to me.  It was mainly a matter of what order they needed to be in.”  Two papers which feel so light between my fingers, yet so heavy on my chest. “I have had the pleasure of working with some great people.  Many of whom I will never forget.  This past year was, without a shred of doubt, the best one I have ever spent.”  The words came out as the moment neared with the flashing cameras becoming more intense, and all the eyes laid on me increasingly haunting.
      “However, I have made up my mind, and after explaining my reasons to those whose opinions I cherish, I earned their backing and support.”
       Here goes nothing.
      “Effective immediately, I will be retiring from playing hockey, and therefore decline all the offers that I have been presented with.”
      The crowd of reporters goes wild in an attempt to demand answers to all kinds of questions. I can't really blame them as it was all so sudden. Explaining myself would take quite a while.