Sunday, October 2, 2011

Eternal Night

A cold wind blows through the dark of night, engulfed by fear and mystery. One lonely figure laments, surrounded by confusion and secrecy.

The land, green and pure, sets a perfect mood for harmony. If snow should fall and spread, it would be quite the contrary.

The traveler races through the night, looking for his destiny. It stares him in the face and says, "When did you last feel your dignity?"

He strikes back, sensing a mix of fear and determination, "I'm still alive, you piece of shit abomination!"

The bandit seems tough, but only on the outside. His internal convictions conflict every second, filling his soul with pride.

Yet pride is also his conqueror, for he feels eternal pain. He keeps this to himself, never willing to complain.

For the others need no trouble, their plates so heavy, so full. His mind is always awake, yet his body, so hard to pull.

Sometimes he thinks peace is in death, things would be easier that way. Everyone would be so shocked, though, feeling horror and dismay.

"It's what's best, they'd be rid of me forever. My problems would no longer be a concern, no longer be a burden, not ever."

Yet something seems to pull him back, it makes him happy as a clam. At one moment he's a mess, the other, he gives no damn.

Is this some kind of torture, this way he's been feeling? Or is it some sort of test, some conniving insidious dealing?

Where can he find his muse? How can he move and be active? He knows what he must do, yet still can't help but feel so passive.

If only there was a cure for this, it would make life full of thrill and joy. His heart would be so healthy, he'd be as happy as a boy.

Searching and searching, leaving no stone unturned. His long path is filled with hinders, one short of having his soul interred.

Life never goes as expected, but one still has to try. Or else one is better off keeling over, closing their eyes and saying goodbye.

Our knight keeps struggling inside but no one understands. No school, no hospital, no friend, no spouse, no sibling, no parents, only demands.

Here's wishing our hero success in his journey, and every bit of luck. Or else he'll consider dying, since no one gives a flying fuck.

Good night.