Friday, September 11, 2015

Gym Story

The gym was always a place of solitude for the young man who had just moved to the big city. Starting up a new job meant canvassing prospective living quarters, and it was of grave importance that he find a building that is complemented with its own fitness center. 

A few weeks after returning to his regular training regiment, he became intimate with every piece of workout gear in that room. Another perk, to some at least, is that he became accustomed to the same faces that appear there, but he dared not talk to anyone. Shyness being his nature, he kept to himself and focused on making the most out of the exercise. 

One particular regular was a voluptuous woman of no more than 25. She almost always chose the treadmill next to him whenever he was fortunate enough to be running. He made it his business to shift his gaze and sneak a look every millisecond so as not strike her as creepy. 

The lady had curly black hair and a slender, athletic frame boasting of years of exuberant fitness. 

He could only hide his hard-on so well. 

One such instance of the two being at the gym together had him lifting an ambitious load of 100 lbs. Following 11 lifts or so, he repositioned the pole, and attempted to walk to a water fountain. As he strode, he felt a darkness overcoming him, causing him to collapse.

"Are you all right?" he heard a voice asking him as his blurry vision began to correct itself. 

His head was propped between her hands while she stared into his eyes. It took him a few seconds to realize he lying on the floor. 

"I think I'm ok," he replied as best as he could. 

"The good news is that it doesn't seem like you're concussed," she said in a reassuring manner, "but you need to take it easy."

"I'm afraid I don't know how to take it easy," he told her as he tried to sit up slowly. 

"I can tell," she said. "I've seen you work out."

Something stirred within him at the knowledge that she'd noticed his existence and that she paid particular attention to the way he pushed himself physically. 

"I'm always running from something," he confessed. "But I'll be fine. I just need to rest up at home."

"Is there anyone that can look after you? Do you live with anyone?" she asked in a genuine tone of concern. 

"I live alone but that's fine. I can call my cousin if I feel sick," he said. "She's a doctor."

"I'm an internalist," she said helping him stand up. "And I'm probably a lot closer. I'll feel a lot better if I could at least monitor you for a little while."

He had no energy or will to argue, as the tension was getting the best of him, exacerbated by the warmth stemming from her voluptuous body and the sensuality of the perspiration painting her skin with a glittery cover. 

"If you insist," he said walking out of the gym alongside her. 

He offered her some water as soon as they walked into his apartment in a bid to be polite. 

"Please make yourself at home," he said. "I need to take a quick shower."

He still felt a tad bit woozy heading into the bathroom and thought a cold shower might do him well, in addition to quelling his throbbing erection. 

The pure water sprayed from above and he felt reborn as it washed away the filth of the day, yet still felt the satisfying burn from his daily gym routine. 

The swooshing sound of the shower curtain brought him back to earth as his guest revealed herself in front of him, baring it all to his utter confusion drizzled with delight. 

"What are you doing?" he asked half-heartedly, entranced by her naked figure. 

"I'm just making myself at home," she replied, helping herself into the shower and standing in front of him to get a few splashed of water. "I need to get cleaned up, too."

He just stood there, his manhood giving her a salute as her buttocks stood inches away. 

"Would you be a doll and give me a hand with my back?" she asked offering him a loofah. 

The magnitude of the situation was somewhat lost on him, as he couldn't tell if he was hallucinating on account of the fall that took place a short while ago. Yet he took care in rubbing her back gently with soapy suds. 

"Now do my front," she said after turning around to face him. 

He took a few seconds to decide on how to proceed and ultimately started with her neck and sides before inching toward her breasts. 

As hehe rubbed on her right one, she placed her hand onto his and squeezed it tight, looking deeply into his eyes. 

The chill of the water could do nothing as it was tempted by the heat emitting from between their hungry bodies. 

Bringing his head closer for a kiss, she wrapped her arms around him as he pushed her gently against the tile wall, and placed his hand behind her head to secure it from any harm. 

The furious kissing engorged the both of them, and he continued his kisses down to her neck, and eventually, her breasts. He massaged her nipples with his unyielding tongue causing her to moan uncontrollably. As he drove her mad with pleasure, she grasped his member and slid it into her flesh. 

The thrusts began slow in lieu of a warm-up, but she slid herself into him quickly and asked him to go faster. 

He looked her square in the eyes, melting in each other's arms, and he placed her onto the floor of the tub, continuing his exercise. 

She took the palm of his hand and bit it hard, which only entertained his erection even further. 

"Deeper!" she blurted out. He then began to give it his all, focusing on vibrating himself deep inside of her crevice. 

After a few minutes of back on forth play, she dug her nails into his back and kissed his mouth with a rage, and the two climaxed together in a wet heap. 

She remained on the floor, panting and reveling in post-coital bliss. 

He lay next to her and kissed her hand gently. 

"This definitely beats going to the gym," he said. 


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  1. Fuck. That's very sexy. And unrealistic. But sexy enough to make me want to know more. What happened next? Did he wake up?